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Kitty Stuart How often have you watched television and thought, "why isn't there a TV. show about your great idea goes here.

You may have the idea for the next big hit cooking show. Or makeover show, extreme sports, or reality show. Maybe you even want to star in or host your own show. Great! We're behind you all the way. Except that the "reality" in this business is, unless you're a hugely successful Producer like Mark Burnett, you need something extra to get noticed. And in lieu of setting yourself on fire to get noticed, we have just the tool you need; a video pilot presentation.

This is where the KSP Kitty Stuart Productions comes in to help.

We're an award-winning, full service, video production company that can help guide your show idea from concept to completed pilot presentation.

We provide everything; crew, field producing, directing, editing, final duplication of your pilot and as an added bonus -- we throw in twenty-five years of experience, a great attitude, and chocolate on demand.

But wait, there's more! Your opportunity to be seen is expanding. Traditional TV as we know it is headed to the internet with hundreds of new channels emerging as internet based TV networks. The good news is, they're all looking for product to turn into "webisodes." They're also willing to share in the advertising revenue generated by their site.

The one thing we've learned the hard way is that all production companies are not alike. The KSP Kitty Stuart Productions prides ourselves on the high standards and customer service we put into all our work while being very budget-minded. You may be surprised to learn that we can make your pilot presentation for as little as the cost of a high-end television.

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